josh (joshc) wrote,

93rd minute penalty

Brandon Hollihan's liveblog nicely sums up the sketchy last-minute fake penalty and the even more offensive announcing on ESPN this morning:
It’s a terrible, horrid penalty call by Corroso, who sells a dive and wins the penalty in the box. Balboa becomes the official anti-Christ by praising Corroso for selling the dive.. . . saying it’s the defender’s fault for sliding--and not the ref’s fault for a bullshit call--is utterly inexcusable. You’re a defender yourself! Or at least you were. That comment, compounded with thousands of horrible sayings and phrases you have made over the last month sum up your presence as an awful, terrible commentator. [deadspin]

On the bright side, the live audio commentary from the Sun [#] during the Ukraine-Switzerland game was hilarious. They were so offended by the utter dullness of the extended scoreless draw that it made up for what was probably an insanely boring match.

Guess it's time to pick yet another loser to follow in the World Cup. Eventually, one of them is bound to win.

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