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a return, a nap

When I left the Fox Sports Grill two and a half years ago [lj], I never expected to return to the underground, water-featured, blue-glowing lair again. Yet, its proximity to both my office and the hotel where some other friends were conferencing brought me back to watch this morning's USA-Ghana match.

Descending from street level to the bar area, the smell of the previous night's (or nights') spilled beer was evident. A sizable crowd had assembled to watch our nation's last grasp at World Cup life reflected through dozens of flat television monitors. Admittedly, the morning clientele was much less frightening than the group from the previous encounter: much more pre-work, untucked, natural fibers than shiny shirts and short skirts.

As for the game: it was about as much fun as possible given the result, penalty kick, and substandard blueberry pancakes.

Blinking out into the daylight, I considered going directly to work. Foolishly, I changed course in favor of a quick nap to remedy the sleep deficiency resulting from an early morning alarm. Thus, I spent most of the day sleeping off the headache caused by returning to my bed, waking up briefly to watch the Socceroos draw their way into the second round.

Eventually, I conceded that rest, food, and anti-inflammatory pills weren't enough to kill the pain and settled into a caffeine-fueled evening recovery period.


Did you used to work at the Fox Sports Grill, or are you just being really dramatic in noting the last time you went there?
No, just being dramatic.

I went there one time and it was so shockingly strange that I never expected to go back. It was such an odd experience for everyone that that visit sort of lives in infamy as "that weird night that Jeff thought it would be fun to go to Fox Sports Grill."
i met my parents there for the 2nd carolina-duke game this last season. the food isn't that great, but it was a good atmosphere for sporting events.
I admit to being too hard on the FSG. But the nightlife scene was way too weird seattle for my comfort zone.
I ate at that bar one desperate night with my parens for godsake. We were like, what in the hell is this place? Why, despite the fancy water flowing down the walls and the prices relatively high, does it feel like we're dining in Kent?