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I may not have mentioned...

Late last week, something weird happened where my foot became swollen for no particular reason; so I went to the doctor to get some pills. He seemed not to be too worried, but gave me a prescription for extremely effective corticosteroids to do their anti-inflammatory duty. But he also warned me that I should run to the E.R. if the swelling spread to my mouth; so I've spent the last day or so been feeling excessively paranoid about my tongue swelling up to kill me in my sleep.


God I hate it when drs say stuff like that.
It's like asking not to think of a pink elephant you know !
yeah. I wasn't really obsessing over it, but a bit of mouthwashing made me extra aware of tongue tingliness and an hour of low-level anxiety!
I think that's what they tell you whenever you have swelling anywhere. I wouldn't be TOO concerned. Since it seems like it would be hard to travel from your foot to your mouth?

This is how my mind works.
blood goes everywhere!

I wasn't really that concerned. I think my paranoia was set off by some zealous Listerine rinsing.
are you still alive?
yep. I think it was just the potent mouthwash and a little bit of paranoia. all of the mystery swelling seems to have packed up and left, too.
ok, good.
yeah. as interesting as it would have been to have been killed by my own tongue in my sleep, I think not being dead is probably better.