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oddities report

yesterday I went for an eye exam and the doctor dilated my pupils to make sure that my retinas weren't falling apart. They use reversal drops nowadays; so I didn't need to walk around in fake sunglasses for the rest of the day, but for about an hour I couldn't read anything within a few feet of my face. It was odd.

Even stranger was when I was ordering a beverage and noticed a woman across the cafe pulling kittens out of her lunchbox and feeding them with a tiny bottle. She was far enough away that I could rule out exam-related after effects on my vision.

Also unrelated, I was crossing the street while listening to headphones. Instead of crossing when the light changed, the girl on the opposite curb just stood there holding a large Starbucks Blended Beverage waiting for someone to help her make it to street level. I was very confused as she waved her arms and pointed at her not that tall white high heels as a means of requesting gentlemanly assistance. For the record, this was a crosswalk with a ramp suitable for people in wheelchairs to use.

Other spectations since the last report: Dreaming of Space (best part = the audience full of Russians going nuts when Yuri Gagarin character makes a brief, but apparently plot-important appearance. "Yuri, Yuri", one older patron murmured.), Three Times (one dull story not enough? let's do three!), the Standard (cheap take on school violence, rent Elephant), Backstage (oddly compelling French tale of celebrity and romantic obsession), Man Push Cart (nicely done story of the terribly and quietly depressing life of an immigrant). Also: the Fiery Furnaces, who rearranged everything for guitar, which I found rather entertaining.


I'm glad you liked Man Push Cart, too. I think we might've been the only two, though.
no, my friends liked it too. they just also thought it was sad. I mean, they even killed a kitten!
Yeah, it may've been a little gratuitous, but I think it fit well into the overall framework of the movie. The guy is desperate for something/someone to nurture. He can't see his son, and he sees an opportunity with this kitten. I think the whole feeding it milk thing is somewhat true to life, too. The popular notion is that cats love milk. A lot of people wouldn't naturally think that a baby kitten's digestive system couldn't handle it. As soon as I saw him feeding it milk, though, I knew what was going to happen. So sad.
Interesting - it never has occured to me to request help on a curb when in heels, and I'm like, really lazy. Note to self. I wonder if I could request gentlemanly assistance to carry my morning latte into my office (it always splashes around and burns my hand, annoying...)
i noticed during my recent visit: a surprisingly large number of crazies call Seattle home!