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the only earth?

in the news

Just as I was thinking about that Michael Winterbottom movie and getting angry about how no one was talking about the hundreds of people still being held in Guantánamo, some of the prisoners killed themselves to bring the issue back into the press.
Democrats in the United States said little, apparently concerned about appearing to be sympathizing with detainees who could turn out to have significant terrorist connections. [nyt]
Way to go unnamed democrats.


what an atrocious, editorializing, throwaway paragraph. read in context of the rest of the article, it appears out of nowhere and doesn't inform if dems declined to comment or the writers didn't bother to find out. nowhere are congressional republicans (even those who have been somewhat critical like hagel) quoted or similarly taken to task.

though i'm definitely appalled that guantanamo exists, especially in its current form, it will take bipartisan criticism, or the dems gaining control or the house or senate, for any changes to be made. the boy king isn't swayed by opposition rhetoric.
It seems like the writer had outlined the article in advance and that sentence was where he expected to include a comment from an angry democrat. Without one on record, he just expressed his disappointment that no one was saying anything.

Not really surprising, since unnamed democrats tend to poll better than actual ones.