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USA-Czech Republic?

Anyone watching USA's first World Cup game tomorrow morning? I think I'll try to check it out from the Spitfire Grill* (2219 4th Ave). The game's at 9 am PDT and they have wi-fi, just in case you need to "work" during the morning.

* Seattlest had good things to say about the place [#] and it sounds less insane that the George and Dragon.


It's a great spot. I went there for drinks last week. Service was a bit slow, but it's a nice, wide open space, and they have a buttload of flat screens.
except for the results of the game, it was pretty good. there were quite a few people, but it didn't get crowded. it was hard to tell if the relative roominess or the score caused the mood to be subdued.

it definitely isn't the sit 'n' spin anymore.