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yet another hilarious ticket situation

I thought that I was going to see the Streets tonight at the Showbox, but it turns out that the guy responsible for buying tickets actually thought that it would just be easiest to buy them on the day of the show. A pretty funny underestimation of the local level of interest, I guess.


I know. I really should blame myself.
Unforgivable. I bought my tickets to the NYC show (granted, shows almost always sell out here) the DAY THEY WENT ON SALE.

Just go down there? Craigslist?
maybe we will. It might have sold out a while ago. I only decided to go after I found out that Chris was in town. She said that her friend was buying tickets; so I assumed the matter was taken care of.

it is probably time for me to recalibrate my show paranoia meter. I used to me so into advance tickets, then felt silly about it, and unnecessarily overcorrected.
This is why I never depend on others to get my tickets.

If you can't go to the show tonight, I HIGHLY recommend you check out the Spankrock show at Chop Suey tomorrow night. That'll be live.
if you run into anyone down there with spare tickets for cheap, you know who to call.