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The past week in SIFFage has been, on balance, pretty good. Tuesday was American indie day with Bickford Schmeckler's Cool Ideas in the afternoon and The Puffy Chair in the evening. Neither were spectacular, but the first was a cute enough college comedy and the second was a cheaply done declining relationship road trip show.

Wednesday was when I really learned the lesson about checking both the description and the category. For some reason I thought that the horizon of events was a comedy about a fraudulent physicist, instead it was a glacially paced drama that was beautifully photographed but extremely boring. Luckily, the evening ended on a high note: I'd already planned to meet some school friends to see Voxtrot and Silversun Pickups at Neumos. Then I got an e-mail from Chris saying that was in town and wanted to go, too. While I was there I had some really odd food from Frites -- fake bratwurst, sauteed in chipotle sauce and served over fries. Aside from that good, but weird food, it was also great to see Chris while also seeing a coupld of good bands. Voxtrot was definitely the standout. They were really into their music and somehow reminded me of little kids in pajamas rocking out.

Chris couldn't take more than one Elefant song; so we dashed out early and went to the Bus Stop for a little while to see Cori DJing and hosting a coloring contest.


Thursday featured movies about children: We Go Way Back, about a twenty-three-year-old actress haunted by her thirteen-year-old self and her teenage expectations. Later, Once You're Born You Can No Longer Hide, about an Italian teen who accidentally falls off a sailboat and in with refugees. It was from the director of the Best of Youth, and he managed to make a social consciousness topic movie that was relatable without being preachy.


Friday and Saturday were consumed with a meeting/conference with a bunch of our international collaborators. I ended up getting not a lot of sleep due to needing to prepare a short talk and being paranoid about whether my slides were actually finished. It was fine, my thing went well, and it was fun seeing people again.

I did skip the last part of Saturday's festivities to go to the SIFF gala: Factotum followed by a party at Pravda. In addition to being a cool space, they were showing the old King Kong in the background, which induced unexpected nostalgia. These parties are hilarious because we always recognize people from previous years/events but we don't actually know them enough to say anything aside from an offhanded across the room wave. Last night, we ended up hanging out with a guy who's only been in Seattle for a few days. Who knows, maybe he'll turn up next year, too.


Today I got up early to say goodbye to the international visitors, spent a few hours at Solstice working, then went to see 49 Up and Wristcutters. Both were great. 49 Up was exhausting, simultaneously depressing and uplifting to have 42 years of twelve people's lives not turning out the way they expected over the course of two and a half hours. The project is so amazing, and really well done. It's the sort of thing that feels potentially life changing to watch.

Then Wristcutters, a surprisingly charming movie set in the afterlife of suicidal people.

After the movie, Carolyn and I had dinner at Ruby. Our food was good, but just after we paid the bill I saw a rat running across the room. I decided to pretend that it ran in off the street.

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