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other things since then, through the weekend

The only day that I didn't see any movies was Friday, but not really since the midnight showing of X3 technically was early Friday morning. Friday day I wasn't that tired until after Jeff's defense and snack and beer party. I kept staying awake and went to Fremont for happy hour. This is where I found out about the Portland We Are Scientists show that didn't happen because no one checks their e-mail on Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday: Wordplay (not quite Spellbound, but still good and included two fine americans -- Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart, both lovers of the NYT crossword), Thai food for lunch, the gym, and Prairie Home Companion gala. PHC was just about what you'd expect. I think that fans of the radio show probably adored it, but I'm indifferent to negative about the radio program and Robert Altman's celebrity-packed rambling movie didn't change my mind. It was pleasant enough, and then there was a party with a great view at the Hilton downtown.

Sunday: Wah-Wah. This is where I should have learned an important lesson: if a movie's description sounds hilarious, but the film is classified as "drama" there might be a problem. After some working activities at Bauhaus it was time for Russian Dolls, which was about 75% as good as L'auberge Espagnol. Kelly Reilly is so ridiculously attractive that Romain Duris's character's flirtations with a super-model are kind of silly.

Instead of barbecuing on Monday, I did more "making a presentation" working, watching the Fly Filmmaking Challenge, and going to see Huldufólk 102 (about Iceland's charming national psychosis / belief in hidden people who live in rocks). Carolyn had to arrive early to get a good spot in the rush ticket line, so we had a Bimbo's burrito picnic on the sidewalk.

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