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stupid tickets

Dear Neumos,

Why do you want to make me buy my concert tickets from stupid TicketsWest? Doesn't it seem strange that your "box office" at the "bad juju" has only a limited number of tickets even though tomorrow's show isn't sold out?

One other question: does your name have an apostrophe or not?


-- j


I've always seen it spelled with the apostrophe, but... what do I know.


P.S. Are you going to What the Heck Fest! I need to live vicariously through someone.
the website, http://neumos.com , doesn't include an apostrophe in the title or logo, but I have seen it both ways in the press. I think it would be nicer with the apostrophe.


I'm not sure about the WTHF.
Dear Josh ,

Purchase your tickets earlier.


The show isn't sold out. It's just that they aren't selling tickets at the venue anymore, which doesn't make any sense to me. There are plenty for sale online, which include $3 of convenience per $12 ticket and $3.50 per order.
well yes, but you should get them at the box office earlier so you don't run into this problem. I think the venue just needs more money, so they put more online than they have at their box office. I mean, rent on Capitol Hill is expensive :(
I doubt that the venue gets any of the TicketsWest service fees.

It makes no sense to me that the venue has a limited number of advance tickets -- there are tickets online and more will be for sale tomorrow at their real box office.
yeah well....
Next time you should get the box office tickets earlier!
thank you for your very helpful comments pointing out my stupidity.
: P

sorry, I didn't think you were stupid. When I really want to see a show there, I always get my tickets really early. I didn't think they ever ran out of box office tickets, I mean, seriously, that's ridiculous. My initial comment was just sarcastic.
not too long ago, i realized that neumos was the location of the old mo's..a revelation! i don't know if mos/mo's had an apostrophe or now but neu-mo's (new mo's!) clicked and well, that's it.