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Last night was the opening night at at SIFF, which included a screening of the Illusionist, which was modestly o.k.. The highlight/lowlight was sitting across the aisle from a guy in a utilikilt, RenFaire vest & armbands [?], maroon turban, and doc marten style boots. As if the outfit wasn't entertaining enough, he and his companion hooted, applauded, and shouted words of encouragement at the screen throughout. For a while, it really seemed likely that a fistfight would break out. Later, he was among the first to partake in the disco dance party portion of the gala, while the rest of the crowd was speedily trying to sample the food options.

A few drinks and several caramel apple pieces later, we left to go see the midnight showing of X3 at Cinerama. There, the vocalizations were appropriate and plenty, both for the previews (Snakes On A Plane, of course) and for the movie. Although it occasionally seemed like plot in service of rad effects and took significant liberties with the X-Men I remember from my comic reading days, I thoroughly enjoyed this installation.


and now for a more important issue:

Arctic Monkeys and We Are Scientists are playing in Portland on Monday.

Tickets are still available.

Road trip?
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