josh (joshc) wrote,

an endorsement

The World Cup starts on 9 June. This year, the games will happen during Seattle's morning (instead of 2002's wee hours of the night). To get in the appropriate frame of mind, I started reading the Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup on Monday. So far, it's really excellent -- short essays from thirty two writers about each of the countries in this year's event plus lots of facts, figures, and odds.

I'm still deciding which team I want to win. When I was scouring the shops of Amsterdam for a Netherlands t-shirt, I had no idea that their team had such relatively decent odds (10-1, vs. the U.S.'s 100-1) of taking the whole thing. Somehow wanting the U.S. to win doesn't seem incredibly nationalistic, does it?


It seems that I only really like sports when the possibility of elimination is imminent.
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