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an absurd number of movies

Last Friday, after our school's picnic (in the rain) I saw the Da Vinci Code. It was o.k., but nodded off a bit during Ian McKellen's art history lesson. I found it mostly dull, and didn't quite see the significance of the core conspiracy. In particular (white font ahead--> The "bad guys" were trying to find Mary Magdelene's sarcophagus so that no one could dig up her DNA and prove that she and Jesus shacked up and had kids. But how would her DNA prove anything? For that, wouldn't they need to find some Jesus DNA?).

Later that weekend, I watched L'Aubergene Espagnole because Russian Dolls is playing this weekend at SIFF. I forgot how much I liked the original; watching it again made me all the more excited for the sequel.


Tonight, we went to Tango after work and had Mojitos and tapas. Now I'm an hour into the Lost season finale.

Tomorrow SIFF starts. After the opening night screening and gala, it will be time to get in a gigantic line over at Cinerama to watch the midnight showing of X3.

After several years of annual visits to the Gorge, I'm not going to Sasquatch this year. Something about it being three days long, not having a ride, and wanting to do some labor day SIFFing made it less appealing.


IGN's reporting that there's a very important scene following the credits at the end of X3, so make sure you stay for that.
btw, IGN was right.