josh (joshc) wrote,

other notes from this week

The box of books that I shipped from Amsterdam finally made their way across the sea and into my apartment (as opposed to the ones I left at train stations or in the hospital food court). It was a kind of foolish decision, but it wasn't all that expensive and I didn't really buy any souvenirs aside from new earphones and the now-framed t-shirt. If the Dutch national team does well in the World Cup, maybe I'll take it out to watch some of the matches.

Last night I had dinner with Peter and Samantha at Sitka and Spruce, a nice place in an odd location -- a sort-of strip mall on eastlake, next to a Teriyaki place. It was small and good, the menu is a chalkboard.

After dinner we went to the Zoo. Around midnight, some guy asked us where he and his Australian friend should go to "tear things up". We mostly responded with blank stares.


Tonight I thought about going to Ballard for a book thing, but decided to just watch the disappointing the O.C. season finale and do some laundry instead.
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