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some catching up

Let's see. Last weekend included a happy hour at the Mars Bar that lasted far longer than an hour, a departmental party in shoreline Family Feud), and dinner at Carole and Atri's apartment. It is pretty awesome to get a get an afternoon phone call saying that your friends have cooked way too much Indian food and are having a last-minute party to save themselves from weeks of leftovers. Because we're in Seattle Heat Wave Spring 2006, we were able to sit outside on the patio well into the evening without being cold. The downside is that I scraped my finger on a metal patio chair and might eventually get tetanus.

Carolyn and I also spent some time at Pacific Place thinking about a SIFF strategy. I have a pass this year (for the metroblogging); so I feel much less pressure to make decisions about everything that I want to see right away. Still, it's nice to have a basic agenda; I'll try to post my calendar of "possibles" sometime this week.

Regarding that pass, I've seen a few of the press screenings over the past couple weeks. Of the films that I've seen I'd recommend Dark Horse (Voksne Mennesker) [siff] and Conversations With Other Women [siff] (but only if you can deal with the whole thing being shown in a split screen. I liked it in spite of this device, not because of it.)

This going to movies in the morning has messed up my work schedule; so I haven't been spending nearly enough time outside to witness all of the Seattleites in their short pants and Tevas.

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