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Mimosas, SIFF

The SIFF schedule was released today. Even though I had a couple mimosas before the screening, I think it's safe to say that the opening night selection the Illusionist is better than 2004's the Notebook and worse than 2005's Me and You and Everyone We Know. Of course, this is saying nothing since I hated the former and adored the latter.

I'm simultaneously disappointed and relieved that the Bridge isn't on the lineup. It sounds compelling, controversial, and depressing and I sort of expected to find it in the program. But, for now I don't need to decide whether I need to see it.

I'll probably be seeing a lot of movies this year, let me know what looks good to you.


I will be seeing A LOT of movies. Once I get my schedule worked out I will let ya know - we can see what we missed or where we can keep each other company in the long ass lines....
sounds like a plan. it would be neat if SIFF's online calendar allowed users to create sharable personal schedules.