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weird real world, commerce

Today at the teriyaki place where I get lunch a few times a month, the girl at the counter told me that I always look "neat" and asked where I buy my clothing.

Later, buying a snack at the convenience store, the clerk randomly asked if I was a student. I've been going there for over five years and don't think I've ever had a conversation beyond "please, no cucumbers on my sandwich".

Finally, getting some chocolate to express mail, I was listening to my headphones. I took them out when it was time to pay, but that guy at the counter asked what I was listening to. My iPod was on shuffle and the current track was an Aimee Mann song (from Magnolia). Not wanting to seem like the sort of person who needs to listen to really sensitive moody chocolate just to buy chocolate, I just said that it was on shuffle. And he was like, "but what are you listening to right now." So I had to explain the whole soundtrack/shuffle play situation.


In other news, I went to Elliott Bay tonight to see Frank Warren who organizes/edits/collects [?] postcards for PostSecret. It was interesting to hear him talk about the project, which seems to have become a sort of spiritual activity for him. I guess reading 40,000 secrets over the course of a couple years takes its toll.

Also Lost [!]. I can't wait for the geeks to decipher all of this stuff and put their findings on the internet tomorrow.


Man, Frank. I emailed him a while back because my copy of the Postsecret book was either stolen or mistakenly mailed back to him. Never heard back.
I think you will need to send your complaint in postcard form. Or as a moody response to one of the secrets on the site. That will probably get his attention.

I didn't buy the book. It looks pretty though.
I don't think I've ever had a cucumber on a sandwich....well other than cucumber sandwiches and well that makes sense.
this is why I have to tell them not to put the cucumbers on my sandwiches. that, and because I hate cucumbers.

It's like how I always asked the teriyaki person to leave green peppers out of my orders. It took them months to tell me that the things that I usually order don't actually include any bell peppers. But you never know, so precautions are in order.
in constrast, some of the sandwiches at the deli do include cucumbers. I'm not sure when/if cucumber is included in their "everything" option.
i have been waiting my wholel life for a character like mr. eko to be on TV. WHOLE LIFE.
it's always nice when television writers do their best to allow viewers to die happy. eko is pretty awesome.


Did you see the Hanso commercial right after John and Edo watched the video put on my the Hanso foundation? www.sublymonol.com?

Re: Hanso

it was my "current mood" for this post.

Re: Hanso

Ah, I should pay more attention to your moods!!