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I spent a few hours after work on Friday being lazy, interrupted by some minor meal preparation and domestic chores. Then I went downtown to meet Samantha to go to the Crocodile to see Destroyer. It was modestly crowded, but it was also a Friday night; so not overwhelmingly annoying given the circumstances. We watched a bit of Hudson Bell and gawked at how bad certain people's fake hair and tooth colors look under black light, but then needed to get some drinks. Dave Bazan was in the bar, along with other non-celebrities who I see all the time but don't actually know (more of this weird inconsistent memory of randomness situation).

Destroyer was good. More rambly than poppy than I would have liked, but fun to watch. Perhaps if I'd done more homework and known more than four songs I would have been more thrilled with the capable performance.


On Saturday I went to the gym, napped, bought things, drank coffee, and read.


Sunday was Ellen's party in Auburn. With some assistance, I negotiated a ride and had lots of fun seeing people that I don't see very often and eating and drinking expertly labeled delicious refreshments. There was also a bit of singing. The weather alternated between being incredibly nice to look at and being incredibly nice to look at and experience. In both cases, the view of the lake from the deck or picture windows was beautiful, and it made for a lovely afternoon.

The later part of the evening was occupied by watching grey's anatomy and typing it up for the internet.


ellen was in town? are you coming to the nyc for her grad party, or did she have a west coast one too? If so, that is so tragically hip - perspective east/west coast parties. it's like p. diddy.
Yeah, I'm in Seattle for the week, which is two weeks before graduation.

I couldn't afford to fly everyone from the West Coast out for the Brookyln party, so I had to have an outpost event.
no, I don't think I can roll bi-coastal style this time around.
did you happen to catch norfolk & western? i think they opened..
no, I got there too late.