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crushing on the icelandic

For the second time in less than a week, I've been blown away by Sigur Rós. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd go with the Saturday show at Coachella. It was shorter, but watching outside at sunset in the desert, surrounded by mountains and palm trees, standing1 in a crowd of (mostly) appreciative fans, with live video of the band members on gigantic video screens was near perfect.

Not that there was anything wrong with tonight's show at Benaroya. The longer set, amazingly effective yet primitive video and light installations, the dreamy spinning spotlights, and brilliant acoustics combined for an all kinds of beautiful performance. And the part where the band comes out to clap for the audience? swoon.

1. A much more engaging way to enjoy live music, I think.


Imagine there's no gyros

So, let's say you're talking to someone who has never heard of Sigur wassitis... where would you recommend they start. 'Cause, like, it's all foreign an' shit.

Re: Imagine there's no gyros

download them all

or, I guess that since this post is sort of a about choosing favorites, I'll say that Takk . . ., their latest album is my favorite right now. On that page, "starálfur" is the one that make the tiger shark scene in The Life Aquatic so gosh darn pretty.

On the "videos page",listen to or watch "hoppípolla", "glósóli", "untitled #1 [a.k.a. vaka]", "viðrar vel til loftárása".