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Once we'd overcome some cellular telephone communication issues, which allowed me time to look around the University Bookstore, Carolyn and I went to see a movie. Before that, I realized that just because it was sunny during the morning didn't mean that it would be warm all night; so I went to American Apparel to buy something for insulation purposes. They had some available in stores only super lightweight hoodies and I bought one thinking that it would be good to take to Indio this weekend. But now I'm reconsidering the merits of a black garment in the desert. I am not optimized for warmth and find these matters extremely confusing.

We saw Friends with Money. When the end credits rolled, I wondered whether anything had actually happened to any of the characters during the course of the film. But, thinking about it, a lot of things do occur, many of them substantial in the scale of each character. It's just that the character development and plot points unfold so organically and realistically that you almost don't notice. Anyway, I'm still evaluating my idea that Nicole Holofcener is like a much nicer version of Neil LaBute.

Later, we went to the District, which was decidedly unbusy, and started strategizing for this year's SIFF.


Tonight after work I walked over to the Queen Anne Easy Street records to see Editors free in-store performance. When I was more than halfway there I realized that they were also part of the Coachella lineup, too. Even though they sound a lot like Interpol (who sound a lot like Joy Division, or so I've heard) the show turned out to be pretty good. And having seen them tonight, I will probably feel less bad if I don't get to see them over the weekend. This also works for Jamie Lidell vs. Wolf Parade (who somehow got stuck in a tent.).

I recently cane into possession of a new bell for my bicycle, which has spent years living in the basement of my apartment collecting cobwebs and deflating its tires. Tonight I decided to partly remedy the situation by carrying it to the nearest gas station to acquire some brand new air for the tires. Maybe I'll actually ride it somewhere sometime.

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