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coachella excitement ensues

Set times for this weekend's festival are now posted [coachella]. They even have an automagic scheduler to help with the horribly difficult choices.

I remember that in the stone ages of 2004, we had to make our own schedule grid with Excel and did a lot of circling and crossing-out. Welcome to the future [my schedule]


Seems like hip-hop really isn't your thing (save for the Gnarles Barkely set), but I can't recommend enough that you check out Lyrics Born and Brother Ali on Saturday.

i only know the one gnarls barkely song . . .

I'll keep that in mind as a way of breaking up my predominantly indierock guy selections. In reality, I'm sure that many decisions will be made based on how horrible the temperature, crowds, and humidity are in those tents.


Yeah, I'd second the Brother Ali recommendation, along with Los Amigos Invisables if you find yourself in need of a latin american dance party cover version of Madonna songs. Trust me, sometimes this is essential.

I'm pretty sure I've never known about needing cover versions of Madonna songs, let along dance party latin-american ones. The only reason Madonna is on my schedule is because -- hey! Madonna in the desert? how can you not at least walk by?