josh (joshc) wrote,

various updates

Last night I reached new levels of geekiness by bringing my iBook to a weblogger meetup so that I could tune in to an IRC conference chat about metroblogging. I will do my best not to let it happen again. On the bright side, there was delicious cake made completely from scratch. And after the meeting up, I went to the White Horse with Samantha (since I don't know the top secret password), where we talked to French-Canadians about U.S. pop culture references, among other things.

We now have a Dutch exchange epidemiologist at work; so this afternoon some of us took her to Bimbo's for an authentic Seattle experience. As penance, I made it back to the gym after work.

I think I might as well walk down the street to see if it isn't too late to catch Mates of State. It's been like five years since I last saw them and that's a long time between doses of carnivaly pop music experiences.
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