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various updates

Last night I reached new levels of geekiness by bringing my iBook to a weblogger meetup so that I could tune in to an IRC conference chat about metroblogging. I will do my best not to let it happen again. On the bright side, there was delicious cake made completely from scratch. And after the meeting up, I went to the White Horse with Samantha (since I don't know the top secret password), where we talked to French-Canadians about U.S. pop culture references, among other things.

We now have a Dutch exchange epidemiologist at work; so this afternoon some of us took her to Bimbo's for an authentic Seattle experience. As penance, I made it back to the gym after work.

I think I might as well walk down the street to see if it isn't too late to catch Mates of State. It's been like five years since I last saw them and that's a long time between doses of carnivaly pop music experiences.


did you end up going to Mates? I went for a little bit. Standing next to Smoosh was too weird for me, I couldn't handle it so I went to the Comet.

I'm really sick of hearing about how they're married and have a baby and take her on tour. Just talk about the music, please.
yeah. I got there just as they were starting. I can see your point about the being married coverage, but their being a couple really is a big part of their stage presence. It almost makes every one of their songs a love song regardless of the actual lyrics.
i totally understand their marriage is their band. but sometimes I just want to hear the music and not about their baby.
who was playing at the comet? I stopped outside to listen for a minute because they actually sounded pretty good.

stabmasterarson appeared to be spectating prominently?
this local band called Izabelle was playing when MoS let out. They're ok. You could have come in, they stopped taking money at that point.n I'm friends with someone in the band, so I have to support sometimes :)

I don't know who stabmasterarson are, just that they play a lot of shows around. what where they doing?

I had to leave early from that show as well because some girl kept following me around and glaring at me. I didn't know her...
it was more about wanting to go to sleep than not wanting to pay. I don't think that StabMasterArson were really doing anything special, the lead singer was just standing near the window. I don't know him, I just saw the band once and then he was our waiter at Bimbo's, and I have a weird ability to recognize people that I don't really know.
I do too! it's actually a problem for me. sometimes a big problem.

Oh, he works at Bimbos! So thats how they suddenly had so many shows at decent venues as a beginning band... :)
if anyone ever writes a guide to being a seattle band, the first step should be "get a job at Bimbo's", well before actually learing to play an instrument, forming a band, or writing songs.
You're so right! Or bartend at the Cha Cha. Or work security at the Croc. Or, yeah. If I keep going, I'm just getting mean.