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this week in review

Monday brought a return to pubquiz, and the reminder of our general ignorance of pretty much everything. It also brought cheap beer and nachos; so, on balance, it was a worthwhile endeavor. Before that, I caught up with people protesting about immigration policy and took a bunch of pictures. After pub quiz I stayed up late putting them on the internet [metblogs].

Which resulted in sleeping in and working late on Tuesday.

It was meeting day and Manischewitz night on Wednesday for Rachel's annual seder. This year, we sort of forgot about the Afikomen hiding/finding procedure so I went home with a Cadbury creme egg to eat tonight. It was my first of the season, but I will need to start scoping out the after Easter sales so that I can refill my freezer with enough to make it through another year. For what it's worth, they really are much better fresh.

Tonight was metroblogging night at the Garage, a monthly excuse sample thrilling flavors of mashed potatoes with a side of inexpensive beer and people from the site. After the eating, drinking, and hanging out, I was ready to go home and eat that creme egg while watching the O.C. instead of going to Easy Street for mariachi rock. I think the show ran out of plot a season ago, but I still feel compelled to watch it. Next year, I swear that I'm cutting those kids off. They can go to college without me.

Tomorrow is Band of Horses at Neumo's time. They're playing tonight, but going two nights in a row seems excessive even though their new album is better than good. I have an extra ticket, e-mail me if you want to go.


...the garage has mashed potatoes?
oh, yes. this time they were gorgonzola flavored, in previous installations they have been of the horseradish, sour cream, or mushroom gravy variety.
It annoys me that Seth seems to feel the need to lie about everything. He lies about EVERYTHING. Can't he once just have learned his lesson and tell the truth?

Also, why is Sandy so obssessed with the stupid hospital. It's so weird.

And Marissa's character changes just to suit the storyline - she's a bad girl, now she's a good girl, she's a bad girl, now she's a good girl. ARG!

It does still make me laugh out loud every time I watch it, and Steve watches it, so we still tune in every week.
Of all of them, Marissa makes a little more sense -- wild personality swings as a form of idendity experimentation. The funny thing about Marissa and Summer is that they were supposed to be the super-popular kids in season 1, but now they only hang out with Seth & Ryan. Maybe this is a commentary about their alienation within the popular set, maybe they weren't popular, or maybe they just can't afford to hire tons of extras.

Seth's is the most annoying, if only because there seems to be only one Seth-Summer plotline now: he lies to her, hurts her feelings, she finds out, he apologizes. Possibly accurate, but not that interesting dramatically.
They do still use the 'popular kids' storyline when they're supposed to be planning things like the carnival and the sweatshirt bonfire.

BTW - did you see what Taylor's sweatshirt said? I think they hid it from us on purpose.

(I haven't watched last night's yet - only last week's episode.)
I think T to the T is going to La Sorbonne.
. . . and that hospital that Sandy's always going on about? Are we meant to believe that there wouldn't be a new hospital without him? Or that the poor people don't get to go to a hospital now when they're sick?

you're right though, this sort of stuff makes the show inadvertently funny.
exactly. w/out sandy, no hospital.

summer always makes me laugh w/her funny little comments and phrases.
Summer has turned into far and away the most sympathetic character on the show.
I agree.
say hi if you see me at the show! i don't understand how i served you at the thai restaurant but never recognized. their curry isn't veggie btw. it has fish sauce in it.
I was just there for takeout, and there were tons of people around for Harry Potter. I guess it's too late to feel bad about eating fish now, but I'll keep it in mind for next time.
I saw you from across the room and half-waved, but I don't think you saw me. By the time the crowd thinned I think you'd left. It was nice that they played St. Augustine, the most Mat Brooke-ish song of the album as their closer.
Maybe next time. Isn't this the 3rd time or so this has happened? I do recall you had a Northface jacket that one time at that Carissa's Wierd show a few years ago. Stupid things I remember..Do you think Mat recognizes his old Carissa's Wierd fans?