josh (joshc) wrote,

an amsterblog : the last friday

For my last Friday at the AMC, we went to the bar situated inside the hospital even though it was sort of booked up by another group. The bartender forgot to put up a sign; so we slipped in under the radar. Nevertheless, the presence of more than 15 people in the bar seemed to cause him considerable stress. He did manage to serve us bucketloads of bar snacks to ameliorate any concerns about the lack of attentive table service.

Later that night I got the bright idea about going to the third anniversary party of Bitterzoet. By the time I arrived, the line outside was long and only VIP and regulars were getting past the bouncer. I stuck it out for a while, chatting with some Canadians in line. But eventually the drizzle turned into fairly severe rain and I texted the friend who recommended the bar to tell him that the getting-inside situation looked too hopeless and wet.

The main upside of this adventure was my excitement at being able to not only find the bar but also in my ability to make my way from doorway rejection to giving up on the night bus to stopping at another bar and back home on foot without getting even modestly lost. All this without an umbrella or needing to consult a map.
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