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free coffee

Although there are tons of things to miss about living in Amsterdam, it's pretty great to be able to pick up a consistently excellent espresso beverage from Vivace on my walk to work. Sure, the magical coffee machine at the lab had its charms -- mostly limited to the ability to configure a modest selection of drinkable beverages, and the freeness which inspired everyone who worked there to spend vast amounts of time in the breakroom -- but high quality was not among its strong points. Not having to mask the taste with loads of sugar makes paying for my morning fix more palatable.

This, I suppose, is a way of saying that I uploaded some pictures this weekend, but I still need to type up a bunch of things from my trip. But I've been working this week and am trying to make it through the Best of Youth before my late fees add up to the purchase price of the DVD. That sucker is two volumes and six hours long; so it's in an uphill battle against my short attention span. Plus, saw Thank You For Smoking on Sunday I went to a dinner/party at Betsy's on Monday.

Finally, (1) was tonight's Lost the most boring ever and (2) is there really a movie called Lucky Number Sleven?

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