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Major weekend accomplishments included excessive napping (which seriously interfered with watching much of the Best of Youth), venturing to the grocery store, and halfhearted unpacking. I also went to the gym. Walking past the fieldhouse, I saw some kids playing near and on the bronze [?] husky. This is not particularly uncommon. However, instead of just climbing on the statue and concrete pylons, these kids were using them as props for practicing backflips and their pommel horse routines. Either a gymnastics contest was happening inside, or bands of young boy gymnasts are starting to roam the streets.

While I was in the Netherlands I shipped a box of foodstuffs back to the office. The motivation for this was a request for a particular supermarket's store brand hot chocolate mix. Since my suitcases were already overfull, I decided to just pay the excessive shipping charges and throw in some hagelslag and (gross) licorice for the rest of the office. Today I went back into work and heard that the box arrived, full of loose powder and chocolate sprinkles. I've chosen to blame this on customs instead of my poor packing skills.

On my last day in Amsterdam, I took a bunch of books to the hospital with me. At the last minute, and at the nexus of irrational anxiety about packing and inappropriate sentimentality, I decided to ship them home by boat even though I knew that I should have just left them behind. They won't get here for months.

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