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"This song is about marriage; so the lights need to be a lot creepier."

a few things I forgot to expect, but was pretty happy about on returning to Seattle:
- all of the trees in bloom
- seeing the washington state ferries from the plane
- the minimal beautiful sad cover of this week's the Stranger [#]
- my nap-friendly couch
- the superior array of fritesauces at Frites

a disappointment that maybe I already knew about:
- no more vegetarian corn dogs at Frites.

one other good thing, thanks to the previously-mentioned nap:
- Feist at Neumo's not being sold out. I think about how often you read about people like Cat Power making good albums but being such a godawful/unreliable performer and wonder if acts like Feist get enough credit for being both immensely talented and thoroughly engaging onstage. Anyway, the show was really nice; she even mentioned the time she was here with Kings of Convenience, which I found kind of cute.


no more veggie corn dogs?! this is news to me. sad news.
I know! That's the main reason that I willed myself out of the house. The cooks explained that they were taken off the menu to make the menu "more european" (although they still sell vegetarian __wursts, which were sold out when i got there) and because the corn dogs required a separate fryer, which often slowed-down their ability to cook frites.

welcome back!
sometimes I really miss Seattle, too. It must be in my blood.
after two months away, I'd classify my feelings about seattle as "fond, but not in love." Still, I do like it quite a bit here.
I think my excuse was being born there. I like to visit but I'm not sure I could live there again.