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seriously, I go away for two months and I get back to find that we have new money?

Or has the new pinkish ten dollar note been around forever and I just didn't notice it? That seems unlikely.


its fairly new and i think its creepy.
yeah. I just remembered that I was back in the US at the beginning of the month and saw no sign of them. The main problem is that they didn't really go all the way with the new color scheme and the bills just look kind of dirty, or like a printing error. Are the other notes going to be changed as well? Will they be different colors? A trip to google could probably solve these questions.
are you back in town? i just got your card today! thanks!
just got back this afternoon. I imagined that it would be a race between me and the postcards to see who would make it to town first.
..i think that we all (postcard, you, me) all made it into town all at once. or at least within a few hours.

do you know when the new nickel came out? i think that's been out for months and i just realized it a few weeks back. the pink is gay.
I think the nickels were new this year, too.
When the travelex woman started giving me my money. I was all, "what is this fake money you're trying to pass off on me for a ridiculously high commission?"
that new ten dollar bill is shit and looks and feels fake. i don't like it at all.
When I first saw it, I thought someone spilled coffee or tea all over it. But then I realized it was too crispy for that and then felt weird about it. I had no idea we were getting new money, I don't know how I feel about it or changing the other bills' colors.