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Today I went to Den Haag to meet a girl from Leiden who's planning to come to Seattle this spring. A diplomatic mission of sorts. When I got there, I spent about twenty minutes thinking that I didn't know how to use a pay phone (t-mobile's claims about international service don't exactly pan out) when, in fact, I just wasn't reading the phone number correctly.

Both the Queen and the Parliament were out of town, so we entertained ourselves by looking at buildings, learning about the history of the Netherlands (lots of revolutions and Williams), touring the old torture chambers, and having coffee on a sunny square (since the famous for apple pie place was too full).

When I got back to Amsterdam, I got a haircut. The barber seemed to think that I really wanted a lot of my hair cut off and a bloody ear; possibly because I was the last customer of the day. Other than that, I guess it was o.k., and I don't need to hold a grudge against the guy who recommended the place. It was probably meant to be a bit of a Van Gogh thing.

Tonight I went to a bar in Leidseplein -- home of hordes of the drunk and stoned, with occasional street performers -- because it has satellite televisions and promised to be showing the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, this meant the Wichita State Shockers (can that really be their team's name?) followed by Texas A&M. I gathered that this was because the Washington-Illinois game was too boring given the UW's substantial lead. Still, fairweather fan that I am, there's nothing more fun than watching "your" team win by a landslide; so I cycled home to watch the second half on the internet. By the time I got back, the tide had turned dramatically, making the rest of the game substantially more intense. The announcers' Illini love didn't help, either. Who knows -- maybe one of the feeds would have picked it up?

I was going to see the Delays tomorrow, but, appropriately, their show was delayed. Maybe I should go to Belgium?

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