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postcard from amsterdam


I spent most of yesterday working in Leiden, home of other epidemiologists known to me. But before the day was finished, I left early on a whim in order to pay three euro-dollars to walk through a historic windmill tourist attraction. The stairs were all extremely narrow, which added to the old timey charm. But hey! inside a real live windmill in the Netherlands! What trip would be complete without that?

Today, I got home from work and decided that seeing the Last Temptation of Christ at the Filmmuseum would be a good idea. Sort of a questionable choice, but movies are an easy thing to do alone on a weeknight. I slept through a little bit of the mid-beginning and spent the rest of the film wondering what all of the fuss was about. After the movie I tried to follow Time Out's advice and get some vegetarian food from OT301, except that after walking several long blocks, they turned out to be closed for a meeting. Such are the perils of counting on a squat restaurant to solve your late night (10 pm!) dinner needs.

Instead, I went to a Belgian bar and ate bread and cheese since I was hungry and their kitchen was also closed. As lovely as the cheese is here, I think that when I get back to Seattle, I will be able to go months without another cheese sandwich.


By the way, I'm here for only a couple more weeks and have yet to send any postcards. I'm sure you would like a special custom message all the way from Amsterdam, but I probably don't have your address in my sidekick. If you want a postcard from me, go ahead and type your contact info in this handy poll:
Poll #691788 postcard

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I promise to send something and not to give away your precious personal details to any marketers, evil or otherwise. If you're not on the livejournal, you can leave an anonymous comment, which I'll leave screened to keep your info top secret.

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