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the grace of an eel


I've been meaning to listen to Terry Gross's interview with Stuart Murdoch [npr] all week, but have avoided it because I usually only listen to Fresh Air when I want to fall asleep in the span of zero to five minutes. Since I'm actually interested in hearing about Belle & Sebastian, this poses a problem.

As a remedy, I recorded the interview while I was doing dishes and converted it to a mp3 for morning commute listening on my iPod. In case you're also interested in having a more easily portable format, I've posted the mp3:
terry gross vs stuart murdoch.mp3 (56 MB)

I'll probably remove it in a week or so. They also have a full recording of a New Pornographers / Belle & Sebastian show at the 9:30 Club posted online [npr].


thank you for delicious-ing that, btw (as you might have seen i listened to it yesterday, and i probably would have missed it otherwise.)
I didn't notice -- I somehow usually manage to register the music/mood fields. But it was actually a pretty good interview. Despite her quirks, Terry Gross really always seems to have done her homework.