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the grace of an eel


I've been meaning to listen to Terry Gross's interview with Stuart Murdoch [npr] all week, but have avoided it because I usually only listen to Fresh Air when I want to fall asleep in the span of zero to five minutes. Since I'm actually interested in hearing about Belle & Sebastian, this poses a problem.

As a remedy, I recorded the interview while I was doing dishes and converted it to a mp3 for morning commute listening on my iPod. In case you're also interested in having a more easily portable format, I've posted the mp3:
terry gross vs stuart murdoch.mp3 (56 MB)

I'll probably remove it in a week or so. They also have a full recording of a New Pornographers / Belle & Sebastian show at the 9:30 Club posted online [npr].


So when you convert that, are you going from RM to MP3? I've got an episode of This American Life that my gf wants me to hear, but it's in RM, and I don't fancy sitting at my PC for an hour. I'd love to be able to throw it on my iPod. Can you recommend a tool?
i used wiretap, a mac program that just records incoming audio in real time, like a tape recorder. I don't know of another way (I think that iFill) might work the same way, but slightly more automation.

for this american life, if you don't want to sit by your computer for an hour, just buy the episode online: either from audible.com or the itunes music store.