josh (joshc) wrote,


today while I was not gawking, I tried to find an article in the proceedings of the national academy of science that Chris recommended after hearing my presentation. I couldn't remember any of the details, so this complicated matters.

I didn't find the article, but there were some really interesting other things that caught my attention:

Evolution of supercolonies: The Argentine ants of southern Europe { The main supercolony, which ranges over 6,000 km from Italy to the Spanish Atlantic coast, effectively forms the largest cooperative unit ever recorded. }

Curvature of co-links uncovers hidden thematic layers in the World Wide Web { Beyond the information placed by users directly in individual pages, their unified action creates a cooperative meta-information whose location in sin the connectivity of the network. }

Intron evolution as a population-genetic process { Debate over the mechanisms responsible for the phylogenetic and genomic distribution of introns has proceeded largely without consideration of the population-genetic forces influencing the establishment and retention of novel genetic elements. }
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