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arctic monkeys

I'm wondering if my lip might be a little bit swollen tomorrow. Probably not.

I saw the Arctic Monkeys tonight, and in Amsterdam there are still mosh pit type activities. Strange, but true. Perhaps this is only for British and not Brooklyn bands (Unlike the Subways, there was substantially less crowd surfing and stage diving), at present the sample size is limited. For the front half of the hall, the crowd was in near constant motion throughout the band's fairly long set, magnifying the fun of the already insanely catchy music substantially. As mentioned above, one does need to consider the hazards posed by the flailing bodies of shorter members of the crowd. My guess is that the English girls who had crossed the channel for the show were the most dangerous, since they were among the few people in the crowd that were not of the exceptional height endowed by a few decades of Dutch social democracy / dairy consumption.

The show was sold out, but I stood outside with my sad face and umbrella until someone sold me an extra ticket. Things looked bleak for a while -- after all, I was competing against a scantily-clad fourteen-year-old girl, a British guy playing folksy solo guitar renditions of a couple of Arctic Monkeys songs, and people willing to pay more than sixty sixty euro-dollars for a ticket -- but I perservered, looking maybe cold and relatable in a hoodie and got in for twenty.

Since this was only a few more than the face value, I considered it an astounding success and am very grateful that whoever was supposed to meet the guys who sold me their spare ticket decided not to show up.

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