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i am not a stuffed tiger.

winter songs

Four songs that have been heavy rotation this season on my on-the-go playlist:
  • Belle & Sebastian - "Dress Up In You" [.mp3]
  • Cat Power - "the Greatest" [.mp3]
  • Jens Lekman - "Black Cab" [.mp3]
  • Phil - "left coast" [.mp3]

The new Belle & Sebastian album is maybe their third best, although I'm only really hooked on a couple of songs from it so far.


Jens! Jens! I love him so much. And Black Cab is a good song... I like Hammer Hill and Rocky Dennis series, too.

Hi. How are you?
yeah. it's a really nice album.

i'm pretty good.
i've listened to the new b&s twice & while there are some songs i really like, there are others that just don't do much for me so far.

the new cat power reminds me a lot of dusty in memphis. it wasn't made for singles/radio play, but the overall feel of the album is great.
i agree -- "another sunny day" is the other really infectious song. i don't really know why i said third best anyway. just making a point that for me, there's a big gap between tigermilk (best) and if you're feeling sinister (close second) and all of the other albums.
It's such a good album !
Different for sure though....
I am hooked on about three songs but i can thell the others are growing on me....
i really should make more of an effort to listen to the rest of it instead of the two really addictive songs over and over and over again.
thanks josh-o. always look forward to learning new music.
no problemo. enjoy!
i was thinking maybe we should be friends?
if you add me i'll tell you where to get the best sandwiches in all of amsterdam. i'm all about bribery.