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For those who were concerned that my lack of in-apartment television would impair my ability to catch Olympic Fever, I can now report that I have discovered several workarounds to the problem. First, I found that there's a student unionesque space mere blocks away as well as a comfortable but smoky bar where Dutch coverage of the Torino games is frequently on the screens. The major drawback of this is that their television networks are very very into skating events. So much so that they not only cover all of the participants, but also quarter-hours of commentary from the coaches and experts following the races. That, and I'm unable to get a sense of the personal tragedies and manufactured dramas surrounding each contest.

A second alternative is that the Dutch broadcasting system also features up to six channels of live coverage on the internet [nos]. Thanks to a helpful post on an english language weblog of a Dutch expat [?], I was finally able to make these videos play on my iBook. Right now, for instance, I'm watching the women's snowboard cross finals. It's very exciting.

The reason that I'm watching television at home on a Friday afternoon is that Ellen arrived this morning to visit for the weekend. We went out in the rain to eat breakfast, have a look at Dam Square, and get lunch in a modern-looking department store cafe before returning to my place so that she can recover from all of the transatlantic flying.

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