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update on the t-shirt post from before

Sorry that I didn't notice this until after I posted about that Illustratoresque shirt, but Threadless is having a not exactly top-secret sale [jn]. If you buy three shirts, you can get them for $10 by using one of the following codes: tenbucks20, tenbucks45, tenbucks87, tenbucks34, tenbucks85 when you check out.

(via nothing-less [#])


thanks for the secret info. got myself three shirts!
my pleasure. filling the world with better t-shirts is always fun.

Wow, I was just on there yesterday. Glad I decided against ordering. You just saved me $25.
glad to help. your $25 savings = a little store credit for me. in a way, your spending helps to keep me from walking around naked, which is really a bit of global philanthropy on your part.