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d2: metro, baggage


Things learned today: (1) you have to stamp your own ticket when you get on the subway, which isn't underground all that much anyway. I assume that there would be a fine for not having validated your ticket if confronted with a random inspection, but it really seems to be a matter of being a good citizen. (2) bags at stores and supermarkets are not included in the purchase price. I expect that this might be an incentive toward responsible stewardship of the environment. (3) The stove in my apartment requires a lighter to start the burners.

Other than that, I overslept, spent the day learning about doing things in the lab, went on another mission to the grocery store to buy food to cook for dinner, unpacked suitcases, and videoconferenced into a meeting in Seattle. iChat is pretty neat like that.

Eventually, I will do some sightseeing.


by "sightseeing" do you mean "potsmoking"?
I didn't realize you spoke Dutch!
funny without the pause for effect.

uproarious with.

hope you have a great time there! i admire what the internet tells me you're up to.
heh. On my videoconference with the techfee I found the prospect of staring at my own face so hilarious that everyone in the meeting assumed I'd already started sightseening.


You pay for your bags in the States too. The difference is that in Europe a charge shows up on the receipt when you don't bring your own bags, and in the States a credit shows up when you do

Re: bags

did you hear that? it was the sound of my mind exploding.

Re: bags

i did hear it! it was the "head a splode" heard 'round the world.
I don't think that stamping your ticket is merely a matter of being a good citizen. When I was visiting Amsterdam my local friends scared me with stories of large fines. I really loved Amsterdam, especially the 1 euro food walls.
yeah. i noticed stamp-checkers yesterday.