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I'm in Amsterdam now. It was dark when the plane landed at 8 am and I think I napped through most of the daylight. There's a big windmill at the end of my street (or at least on the tram ride over). Everyone is remarkably tall here. Of course, I knew that [nyer], but I didn't really think about how it would feel.

So far, I've managed to walk around enough to find a Mac store to buy an ethernet cable, peruse the grocery store downstairs for a snack, and take the train out to IKEA to supplement the substandard linen collection included in the rent.

Like my real apartment, this one also has a weird pointless room and Google wants to speak to me in Dutch.


If you go to google.com and pick preferences then "English" I think it should stick.
It may do the same thing if you go to google.us directly.

(The problem is that people use google.com from all over the world, so using that doesn't tell us which google the user really wants. If you were in the US and went to google.de, we'd know to give you German.)
I figured out how to get it to speak to me in sweet english, but I didn't know about the .us site. I was hoping that it would translate some Dutch pages for me, but babelfish did a good enough job to help me find the IKEA.
Sorry, I must've missed a lot of previous posts about this... why are you in Amsterdam, and for how long?
you just missed 2 days of clear weather in seattle since early december! how is amsterdam> did you do anything neat there so far? will you be travelling to other nearby countries while you're there? i'm jealous.
naturally. I guess I did get to see the sun a bit in the morning in Sunday at the airport.

so far I haven't done much (I arrived on Monday morning and took care of checking in to a place to stay and buying towels etc.). Today I am learning about the lab work that I'll be doing here.

I haven't really planned out a tourist agenda yet. I'm not sure how long I'll be working. Once I have a better sense of that I will start looking at maps and schedules.


Glad to hear that your flight did make it to Amsterdam (I guess we could have gone ahead and asked the ouija board after all...).

Thanks! You never know. It's never a good idea to test the predictive power of the ouija!