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wednesday : running returning

There was a potluck at the office yesterday; so my getting to work at a decent hour was sort of sabotaged when I had to run back up the hill to buy some fancy salads at Red Line. Then the rest of the day was a lot of eating and meeting.

For dinner, I chased after a bus and took a ride to Wallingford for Italian food with Carole, Atri, and Carolyn at Bizzarro's Italian Cafe [cs]. Which was actually not at all as strange as you'd expect from the name, but was still quite good. I guess they had their fair share of quirky decor to justify the name. Carole and Atri brought me a wooden horse from India. It can keep my metal squirrel company while I'm away.

I went back downtown for a show at the Crocodile, where Samatha, Steph, and Ryan were drinking in the bar. We went into the showroom to hear Blitzen Tripper [?] who came up all the way from Portland to get one of the guys next to us to talk about how he'd developed a crush on the lead singer and to inspire a one woman superfan dance party near the stage. The main reason that I/we were there was to see BOAT, who are a lot of fun and not yet as popular as they deserve to be. Or maybe their fans just aren't allowed out late on a school night.

In the spirit of my earlier race with a city bus, I walked home uphill in the rain rather than wait in the cold and arrived at what would have been my stop mere seconds before the bus. I had a ten minute head start; so it wasn't exactly a fair contest.

I got home just in time to stay up until 2 am watching Project Runway, which is the best reality show of all time.
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