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wednesday : running returning

There was a potluck at the office yesterday; so my getting to work at a decent hour was sort of sabotaged when I had to run back up the hill to buy some fancy salads at Red Line. Then the rest of the day was a lot of eating and meeting.

For dinner, I chased after a bus and took a ride to Wallingford for Italian food with Carole, Atri, and Carolyn at Bizzarro's Italian Cafe [cs]. Which was actually not at all as strange as you'd expect from the name, but was still quite good. I guess they had their fair share of quirky decor to justify the name. Carole and Atri brought me a wooden horse from India. It can keep my metal squirrel company while I'm away.

I went back downtown for a show at the Crocodile, where Samatha, Steph, and Ryan were drinking in the bar. We went into the showroom to hear Blitzen Tripper [?] who came up all the way from Portland to get one of the guys next to us to talk about how he'd developed a crush on the lead singer and to inspire a one woman superfan dance party near the stage. The main reason that I/we were there was to see BOAT, who are a lot of fun and not yet as popular as they deserve to be. Or maybe their fans just aren't allowed out late on a school night.

In the spirit of my earlier race with a city bus, I walked home uphill in the rain rather than wait in the cold and arrived at what would have been my stop mere seconds before the bus. I had a ten minute head start; so it wasn't exactly a fair contest.

I got home just in time to stay up until 2 am watching Project Runway, which is the best reality show of all time.



Blitzen Trapper, I believe. Hence all of my sadness related to Blitzen maybe being my favorite reindeer and also the subsequent sadness because the band didn't ever wear reindeer horns.
I have since decided that Donner is more likely to be the reindeer favorite.

you're right. off by a vowel, not too bad.
if only you would reply to these with a lj account, i wouldn't have to remember to unscreen them . . .
Project Runway is pretty much the only reality show I can handle watching, so I agree 100%. I've missed it the past couple of weeks though so I'm hoping to stumble across a min-marathon soon. I loved Diana so much, and really hope she somehow comes out with her own nerdy line of clothing. And I think Santino needs to be kicked in the face.
Take a look at the schedule on the website (it's not particularly spoilery) -- it seems like they're always having mini marathons of at least the last three episodes. I think they might even play the previous episode before the new one on Wednesdays, too.

I suspect that the producers are keeping Santino around for a while for dramatic purposes. At the end of the show, they say that eliminations are based on the judges' scores and input from the producers. Kind of sketchy, but it makes good television.

Diana was entertaining, but I don't think she was experienced enough to win the show. It was funny how she was always trying to add random features the clothing, which probably hurt her given the limited time and budget constraints.
Your pics of san diego are awesome !!!!

It's hard for me to believe that there are places with ocean and sun right now !!!!
thanks! the exposure on my camera was not set for the sun and the pictures turned out a little weird, but I really liked the effect, too. It was really strange to be somewhere sunny at this time of year.
i want santino or daniel to win. (personall I prefer santino but daniel is so pretty.)
I heart project runway. I haven't been able to watch this season and I miss it.. :)
I am in withdrawl after missing only one episode. It seems to take forever to show up on the internet!
I think they're keeping Santino around for dramatic purposes, but that the judges don't like him enough to let him win.
I heart Bizarro!! Al and I loved going there - when you guys all lived in Wallingford. Ohhh, Seattle. How I miss you.... and you too, Josh!!!


someday you should re-visit!

Re: ~

We want to. We re-visited last July, but you weren't in town. Maybe this time you'll manage to be in the country. :)