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m-t : edges of the i-5 corduroy


On Monday night in San Diego we went to this indie Mexican place in a not yet gentrified part of town (but close, I think!) where I had a pretty awesome burrito with beans and vegan chorizo. I don't know what the non-vegan version tastes like, but this was a good kind of weird.

On the way back to the hotel I tried to find a book at the super gigantic mall, but wasn't successful. Then I walked around the marina and took an "invigorating swim" in the weirdly shaped pool before going to sleep.

The next day, we went back to the conference and then had breakfast at this old timey place. On the walk there and back we passed under the flight path for planes landing at the nearby airport. It was freaky and cool. The breakfast food was o.k., but I have the sense that the place's reputation is bolstered by extra good coffee cake and faux-nostalgia inspired by the wood paneling and unintentionally kitchy crystal chandeliers.


When I got back to Seattle, I had to run back to campus to go to a student government meeting. When it was finally over, I went over to the IMA to swim. The pool was almost empty by that hour; so it was very nice.


Man I miss that pool. I wish I had taken better advantage of it while I was there. I think I hopped in... twice? And both times I just splashed around like a pale, hairy toddler.
I went in once, but mostly out of spite. That's not quite the right word. I wanted to make sure that I swam in the pretty pool, but by the time I got around to it, it was nighttime and prime swimming and sunning hours had past.
What is the 1-5 corduroy? Why do I think Tim Tinker made that up?
I'm pretty sure he made it up. Something about the I-5 corridor after seeing Hella (maybe). I just thought about it in San Diego because it's on the corduroy.