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Academy Awards 2006


Good Night and Good Luck, really? And Crash premiered at festivals in 2004.

At least the squid and the whale is still in the hunt for the Sophia Coppola Award for Best Screenplay in An Amazing Indie Movie Academy Award.


Not because it was a good film. Come on, it's the Oscars. This is why we're liberal scum.

Anyway, as I just put in the otherblog (see update in here), The Squid and the Whale is playing again here for... uh... Our Consideration, so I am finally going to see it.
I actually liked it (Good Night and Good Luck).

I guess this means I've already seen four of the five best picture nominees. Now I feel less compelled to see Walk the Line. I do want to see the Squid and the Whale again. I loved it so much.