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California here we come.

Despite thie plane's Disneyland logo, I'm on my way to San Diego until


Other than going to a conference, not going to legoland or Sea World I

don't really have a specific tourist agenda.


If you're near the convention center, go to Pokez (619-702-7160). They have excellent vegan/veggie Mexican food! Hillcrest is like Broadway (except I think their street is called University Ave.) and they have some really cool shops there. Have fun!
Thanks! My hotel is right by the convention center so I'll try to get lunch there tomorrow!
As a follow-up: I had the bean and vegan chorizo burrito, which was gigantic and delicious (although I'm not sure what non-vegan chorizo tastes like). It turns out that another guy at the conference got a recommendation for the same place. I'm sure the waiters found it hilarious, but we called ahead to get reservations and everything.