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unrelated notes, elderly and elderly-named

This morning, NME reported that Grandaddy are breaking up, but not before releasing one last album [#].


On my way to work today I made two stops: one to buy a bagel and another to buy a caffeinated beverage. At both stores, I found myself behind people who seemed to find it impossible to provide their order and move on. The worst offender was at Noah's, where the woman in front of me (who ordered at the cash register instead of the counter -- strike one!) took over seven minutes to finalize her order, interrogating the cashier about the technical details that separated "eggsensations" from "egg mits", the finer points of the store's toast products, and the factors that went into the pricing of the various menu items (strike two!). I was feeling sympathetic until she revealed that she had a frequent bagel eater card that she forgot to have stamped yesterday, which removed any excuse that she might have had for her confusion (strike three!). For the first time in my bagel-buying history, my order was ready several minutes before I could pay for it.


I think now I'll start leaving my office so I can swim before seeing Mount Eerie tonight at the Paradox.


I haven't swam in over a week because i am moving , and it's driving me crazy !
If it's any consolation, the IMA pool was super annoying on Friday night -- slow swimmers in the intermediate lane and weird divisions in the fast one.
I am very jealous re the last part of this post.
don't be jealous of the swimming - it continued the day's trend of dealing with annoying people. but mount eerie was great and the crowd made good people watching.