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there was an
accident right outside our office. one of the trucks is labeled incident response. i guess they wanted to broaden their focus.

a tow truck flipped over and is blocking most of the southbound traffic. people have been going from window to window to get the best view of the destruction. it is really strange, but it is easy to get sucked-in.

taking turns leaning against the window, attempting to reconstruct the details, this adds a bit of inappropriate excitement to the daily routine. the most intriguing part was the black lab brought to the scene. i think it was just a police dog in training, since sniffing dirt and jumping up on police officers didn't seem to add much to the investigation.


It's almost impossible to not get sucked into staring at the scene of an accident and finding out all you can about it, no matter how much you try to not care what happened. Wednesday when I was in Detroit for meetings we passed by the most horrific looking accident scene on 275 and that entire side of the freeway was shut down. I didn't really want to think anymore about it, but of course the boss requested that we turn on AM radio to find out what happened. And from that point it was like I couldn't find out enough about it - turns out this 18 year old girl purposefully drove across the median to crash into a gravel truck going at full speed. Apparently she left a suicide note at home and did this after many failed attempts. It's hard enough to imagine hating your life so much that you'd want to die, let alone deciding to run right into a gravel truck at 75 mph! Yikes!!!

Anyway, sorry for the creepy story, it seemed related to your post when I started writing...


no. the post was very related. it's especially hard to ignore it when everyone wants to know what's happening.

Funny about your post - not in a ha ha way - Rachel and I passed an accident today that had JUST happened, no police yet or anything. 4 cars, one truck on it's side. There was a person still in the truck. We kept talking about it - why it had happened, what could've been the cause, etc. So weird. THen we saw an ambulance. Weird that in NC no one gets over for emergency vehicles. There was even an article in the paper about it. In Michigan, everyone does. Boom. Over. Not here. People just keep on going. It's very odd.


dude. what is wrong with these evil people in north carolina? first jesse helms, now ignoring ambulances? where will it all end?

while i was on a bus today in seattle, a fire truck was stopped by a drawbridge. weird. guess they couldn't just crush the ship because of a fire.