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very exciting winter weather development

So today I had to go downtown to pick up some new contact lenses so that I will be able to see things while I'm out of town. On the way back I dropped in to scavenge over the remains of the j. crew winter sale. At the back of the store I saw something that prompted a tiny squeal of joy -- a near facsimile of the scarf I lost sometime near the end of 2004. The original was likely misplaced in the course of numerous delays involved in winter-weather related travel. Probably when I had to stay in a crappy hotel that didn't have a working wake-up call and I overslept my flight over Thanksgiving and rushed out of the room in a matter of minutes.

In any case, a suitable replacement for five dollars! Plus some ten dollar sweaters to fend off the cold Dutch air!


This is what passes for excitement. I actually accomplished some actual work today, too. That, plus trying to keep up with all of the latest developments in today's James Frey gets scolded by the Oprah. Does everyone have Freygate fever, or what?


And I was going to make you a replacement pseudo-Harry Potter scarf!
don't let my dealfinding stop you! I'm in no danger of hitting the upper limit for an appropriate number of cold weather accessories.
but maybe you want something different--not harry potter? or you do want harry potter?