josh (joshc) wrote,

the stranger, sold out edition

This week's episode of the Stranger is the one where much of the editorial content is provided by the highest bidders. All of this content went for $7282.52 [.csv]. I've started reading, and let's just say that it's hard to live up to last year's "Ben Exworthy Narcissism Issue" [flickr].

Somehow it's a lot less fun this year, with most of the winners using their donations to leverage content for advertising space (Cirque du Soleil got the cover for $3,050; Gay Bingo got a full page ad for $697; Seattlest got what must be the best bargain of them all -- the "Suggests" section, probably the most-read page in the paper, for $127.50) instead of quirky purposeless self-promotion.

Really, I'm just kicking myself. For about $127.50, I could've bought "Last Days". Imagine: someone else typing about my activities of daily living for a whole week! In the newspaper!
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