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lifestyle projections

I'm pretty sure that the photo that accompanies this profile of Mike Jeffries, the CEO of the Abercrombie & Fitch empire, could single-handedly kill the brand [salon].


I see a new version of The Office in the making
you need to write this up stat, NBC is getting desperate!
You want in on it?
I'lll take an executive producer credit.
i like that the strap on his flip flops matches his teeth so nicely.
his hair is a pretty close shade of bleached, too.
apparently cynical, moody men do NOT fit the abercrombie ideal.

there's no room for moodiness in mostly-naked touch football!
His face is such an odd disconnect from the clothes, the hair, everything. 61-years-old? WTF?
I really can't believe that he allows photos of himself to appear in public. The disconnect is so severe, but I'm guessing he doesn't notice it himself.
For a 61 year old who constantly says "dude" and is surrounded by fawning models daily, I'd imagine a certain amount of delusion is to be assumed.
I just love the fact that it's that guy who is the leader of the cool kid brand that promotes exclusivity. Forget all American classic - this is classic American freak.
seriously. If the "girlcotters" wanted to take down A&F, they's just makes some posters with the CEO's pictures and post them near the doors to every store. "Hello, I'm Mike Jeffries -- welcome to my aspirational lifestyle!"