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a continuation : the weekend

Over oatmeal on Saturday, I spent the morning catching up with the o.c. and Battlestar Galacta on my computer. Then I pulled myself out of bed, ran some laundry, engaged in light housework, and transferred custody of potted plants and one automobile back to Carole and Atri. During my tenure as car & plant-sitter I managed not to ruin the vehicle and to keep most of the vegetation alive. One, in particularly bad shape on arrivial, didn't make it through its six-week stay in my apartment. As far as I was concerned, it was on the rebound when they looked at it and decided that it wasn't worth bringing home. Maybe it will thrive in one of the backyard patches of dirt.

Later, I went down to the (waxed-moustached [!]) Shawn Landis opening at Crawl Space. The installation had lots of inflating and deflating as well as a healthy serving of collapsing and reconstructing. You know who loves that sort of thing? If you guessed "children", you'd be on the right track. There were several family units in attendance. Cori was there with some friends too, so we talked for a while about upcoming travels and the theoretical familial cohesion engendered by going to art exhibits with your kids (some of whom came very close to getting their fingers pinched in a chair that snapped itself together from a pile of pieces in regular intervals).

Another answer to the sort who loves art is "dogs". There was one roaming through the installation who'd learned the tricks of the trade. While guys congregated around the snacks table, one eating incredibly large chunks of cheese, the dog plied his trade sitting before being asked to in exchange for water crackers and scraps that fell to the floor.

When I'd had my fill of art, I went home and watched the Chumscrubber, which was kind of good in the way everything in the movie seemed to exist in some pharmaceutically-enhanced [dulled?] tangent of the real world. It would have been much better if it had simply embraced its weirdness instead of inserting the main narrative inside an awkward videogame-type framing device.


Today I talked to my mom on the telephone and watched John McLauglin seem way too obsessed with the idea of a 2007 impeachment.

In the afternoon, I caught a bus down to the International District, where all of Seattle's "12th m[e]n" were descending on Seahawks Stadium for the big game. I, however, was going to meet up with Samantha and colleagues for vegetarian dim sum. The food was interesting -- squishy and delicious for the most part. Highlights included fried mashed potato stuffing, potstickers, and a really strange Baked Hum Bun (per the recommendation of obvious diversion [#]); lowlights included radish cake and a tofu roll, both were interesting but maybe too confusing. Mango pudding also fell into this category, sort of good but overwhelmingly weird and gelatinous.

After that fun, any inclination toward accomplishing anything beyond flipping between the Seahawks game and X2 went straight out the window as dim sum coma took hold. Groceries and travel shopping be damned, mutant adventures and hometown victories ruled the afternoon. After the game, I realized that I'll be on a plane to Amsterdam during the Super Bowl. Maybe there will be a party on the flight. I'll bring the bean dip just in case.

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