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day 27, day 1

I really didn't do much this weekend. I read, washed some clothing, ate lunch, washed dishes (a key drawback of eating at home), and occasionally left my apartment. On Saturday I had dinner in Greenwood with Elena, Rachel, and Jon. We went to Szeuan Bistro, but we didn't order a hot pot. Which, as far as I was concerned, was a good choice since the hot pots seemed to come with large plates of raw meat products. After dinner, we picked up dessert items at the grocery and returned to Rachel & Jon's house, where Marc joined us to play games.

On Sunday I went to the gym and some non-shopping before going over to Erik's house to watch the first two hours of the two night four hour 24 premiere with Joe and Vanessa and Kenji. Joe had conceived many 24-themed snack items (e.g. Jack Bauer, a renamed Jack Lemmon M.D. [dm]), which nicely complemented the suspense, gunplay, explosions, and momentous events as they played out on Erik's gigantic high-definition television.

Today I watched Grey's Anatomy and typed-up a recap for the Australians. Part of this was accomplished at Victrola because my apartment's heating system didn't seem to know that today was a holiday. I really should have bought a space heater, but now I think it's too late. Later, I watched Broken Flowers before it was due to be returned at the video store. I liked it more than I expected to. The colors were really pretty, all contrasty and saturated. I thought that the story was just the right level of flat and detached rambly melancholy, and I do love sad Bill Murray. Not to mention the parade of actresses playing his one-time lovers.

Then it was time to bring back the DVDs, feeling successful that I'd watched at least one of them, pick up some things at the drugstore, not watch the Golden Globes, and go back to Erik's for the third and fourth intensity-filled hours of the 24 premiere. Chloe! Hobbit! Neurotoxins!

And there was a day without rain this weekend. Stupid weather, way to give up days before setting a record.


I totally thought 24 was going to be about China this season because the CTU pissed them off the last season.
yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up again this year once they find out that Jack's back. Maybe this first act was all some sort of diversion? You never know what can happen in the remaining 20 hours!